Welcome To Our Company

Our Company is operating in various fields and serving the several industrial sectors since 1997. We have gained good Experience in

  • Grinding Wheels
  • PU, Epoxy, Synthetic Enamel Paints
  • Automotive Fabrication
  • HVAC
  • Electrical Switch Gears

Our company is located in Nashik with updated production Facility. We support our clients for

  • Development of Engineering Product
  • HVAC Design and Consulting
  • Installations
  • Product Application and analysis

About Us

We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturers and Suppliers of High Quality Products in Various Fields with Adherence to International Quality Standards.

Our Three Divisions


Shreeson Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Automobile and Auto Ancillaries
Electricals and Electronics
Radio Broadcasting
Recording Studios
Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Shopping Malls, Convention Centers
Public Leisure Places


Shree Abrasives India Pvt. Ltd.

Automobile and Auto Ancillaries
Steel Fabrication Industry
Process Industry


Shree Paints

Process Industry
Material Handling
Rust Treatment
Heat Resistance
Spatter Control
Shop Floor Treatments

Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Manufacturer of air distribution products in galvanised iron, stainless steel, aluminium to cater the requirement of comfort and clean room air conditioning.

Electrical SwitchGears

Manufacturer of Low, Medium, High voltage electrical enclosures for Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Electrical requirements.

Automobile & Autoancillary

Manufacturer of Camber shim, Radiator Grill for the usage of multi utility vehicales.


Manufacturer of Abrasive segments, Stones, Cut-off Wheel to cater the requirement of Metail Removal & Polishing Industry.


Manufacturer and Assemblers of small and medium sub-assemblies to cater the requirement of petrolium and power industry.


Manufacturer of Industrial resin based paints, enamel based paints, zinc based paints.


GI Ducting

Ducts are made from G.I. coils in instead of sheets- Less Wastage.

Fixed Louvres

For Fresh Air Intake & Exaust Application. Manufactured in Aluminium, Galvanised Iron & Poweder Coated


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TDF Clit

Used for joining two succesive rectangular air duct.
Manufactured in Galvanised Iron, MS   

Grill & Opposed Blade Damper

Used for air distribution in comfort application manufactured from aluminium extrusion, powder coated.

Circular Duct Clamp

Used with circular duct.
Manufactured in MS with Zinc plating, Galvanised Iron.     

Camber Shim

Used for camber angle adjustment. Coated with Zinc plating, CED


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Return Air Risers

Used for Directing Air and Low side pickup, Stainless steel, MS, Zinc Plated.

Sheet Metal Electrical Distribution Boxes

Products available in GI with Powder Coat, SS in batch quantities as well as tailor made requirements.

Fan & Revolving Mechanism

Used for Hot Air removal.


Side Entry Filter Box

Enclosure for Filter used for separating unwanted particulates from air.


Aluminium formed design with elegant appearance removable core design.

Swirl Diffuser

Acts as a Director of the Airflow. Available in all standard Sizes.

Magna Helic Gauge Inclosure

Enclosure constructed in stainless steel. Used in concealing the room pressure indicator. Compatable for all pressure gauges.

TDF Canal Corner

Used for joining to successive rectagular air duct. Available in galvanised iron, MS with plating


Contact Info

H-166/167/168 MIDC Ambad, Off Garware Marg, Nashik - 422010 Phone Number: +91 - 253 - 6618401/03/04